The website creation was supported by the LEADER program's strategy measure 4 – dealing with the impact of the COVID-19 crisis in the action area through the local action group MTÜ Saarte Koostöökogu.

Tourism Sector Product Development Grant

In 2022, Saare Hotelli Varade OÜ began the renovation of our hotel’s sauna area with the support of the “Tourism Sector Product Development Grant” program, funded as part of the EU’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The construction of our genuine Saaremaa saunas will be completed by autumn 2023.

The project received funding in the amount of 166,600 euros.

Authentic Saaremaa Saunas will be a new sauna center on Saaremaa, where the story of Saaremaa saunas is told, traditions are introduced, and visitors can learn to make sauna products from local materials and enjoy the sauna experience with their families. The saunas will be open year-round to both hotel guests and visitors from outside. They will feature steam saunas, aroma saunas, a children’s pool, and relaxation areas. Each sauna will have its unique story and sauna bathing traditions. Alongside the sauna experience, we will also offer food and drinks.

Hotel Saaremaa Business Model Transformation

In the spring of 2021, Saare Hotell OÜ initiated a refurbishment program for Saaremaa Beach Hotel, supported by the “Hotel Saaremaa Business Model Transformation” initiative. During the project, family rooms were updated, and the hotel’s lobby area received a fresh and more contemporary look.

The project received funding in the amount of 192,000 euros, with the aim of expanding the family customer segment through the introduction of new comfortable family rooms and additional services. In response to the changing market conditions, we are exploring opportunities to expand into target markets in Asian countries and make the hotel’s services more user-friendly for various customer groups.