Our Spa is like a little hidden pearl in the midst of the wild call of the sea and power of the earth of Saaremaa. The thing with the treasures is that you should first find them and the joy of discovery is much greater if you have someone to share it with. Come and discover the exciting world of plants with us!

Here, in quiet and pure environment you can recover your inner balance and find complete satisfaction in being united with the nature. Our services are based on the rhythm of changing seasons which influences people’s behaviour, moods, needs and wishes.

We are all part of nature and like we wake up every morning nature wakes up every spring. You can spot bright yellow and green dandelion, vitamin-rich nettle, primrose, fir tree and pine shoots. Drinking birch and maple juice gives us lots of vitality.

The daily rhythm is active like in summer – there’s lots of energy and colours because the sun has provided us plenty of warmth and light. Emerald mints and parsley cool us down on a hot summer day, blue lavender is calming, red strawberries invigorate our skin and taste buds, spicy basil and hyssop stimulate our body and mind. Fresh mint drink with crushed ice and strawberries with kama-mousse make you daydreaming for a while.

In the evening we yearn for calming down, for peace and quiet – that is brought to us by autumn with its golden shades: orange, brown, pale green, purple. Carrot prolongs your tanned complexion, marigold and oregano make your muscles warm and relaxed, heather takes care of your joints, sage prevents diseases or as the ancient Romans said: “Why should a man die who has sage in his garden?.”

And then comes winter with its complete tranquillity, still life, the recovery around and inside us. Now we are in need of softness, warmth and caress. Gray, silver, ruby, white. In order to stay healthy till spring we need the help from yarrow, antiseptic thyme, warming St. John’s wort oil, marvellous rowanberries and honey.

We can be perfectly happy and healthy if we live in harmony with nature and know how to use its resources.

In our spa treatments we use the local raw materials as much as we can – mud, honey, juniper flour, pure natural oils, bath salts, body scrubs. Natural face masks and freshly made facial cream on on top of them – what could be better! In cooperation with Popi Herb Farm we have made an appropriate selection of the herbs that have been grown in the pure and unspoilt nature of the Sõrve Peninsula where there is always lots of sunshine and intact natural surroundings. With the help of these herbs we can make you feel good in your body and relax your mind.